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Course programm

MotoRacingSchool offers you training options at different learning grades (beginners and advanced) - for maximum success, in minimum time.

This awaits you on our courses:

  • Certified instructors with many years‘ racetrack experience
  • Theory before and after training to perfect your riding technique
  • Various training grades
  • Small groups with a maximum of 3 students for efficient, personalised training
  • Individual training on request
  • Turn analysis with Datalogger
  • Timekeeping
  • Own tyre service
  • On-site mechanics
  • Catering
  • Attendance certificate

An unforgettable racetrack experience while you learn

To achieve maximum success, training is divided into two parts: Theory and Practice. In the theory part, our certified instructors will demonstrate the perfect technique for future turns on the racetrack. From correct posture on the motorcycle through bend-taking techniques, to professional tips for even better lap-times. However, theory is taught not only before turns out on the racetrack, but afterwards as well. With this combination, you‘ll achieve a real improvement in your riding technique.

Practical training takes place with our certified experienced instructors, in small groups of not more than three students. On the day, an average of five turns are made every 20 minutes. At different training stages, you will learn the most important techniques at every turn. See for yourself how you improve your riding skill after each turn.

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